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SB 1279 takes another step closer to ensuring a clean energy future

This legislative session, California further augmented policies to decarbonize all sectors of the economy and strengthen its path toward a clean energy future.

Two new bills amp up GHG reduction goals and air pollution control

Two California legislative bills that were passed during the 2015-16 session and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in early September will have lasting impacts on the state’s march toward lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and controlling air pollution.

Bill mandates further consumer protection and energy efficiency accounting

Co-author: Hanna Grene

California is a national leader in establishing building energy efficiency standards. In the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), the state maintains aggressive performance codes and standards for equipment, including the permitting and inspection of all installations.

Businesses and energy utilities in New York, Massachusetts, Maine and California are reducing grid consumption and saving money

Presented at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Conference, Aug. 21-26, 2016 - View Presentation

Small thermal energy storage (TES) systems are opening a new frontier in electrical use and power grid management.

Near real-time information adds value for program stakeholders
Co-authors: Laura Parsons and Carlos Hsu

As new technologies emerge in the clean energy sector, their ability to gain a sustained foothold depends on the decisions of many different market actors, who are greatly influenced by their access to timely, actionable information.

How do manufacturers, dealers and installers identify trends in demand or competitor activities?

Regional dashboard connects data to inspiring sustainable actions

Did you know that in 2014 San Diego County had among the lowest bicycle commuting rates in California? Or that in 2015, we threw away the most trash compared to other counties, and we experienced almost twice as many hours of delay per driver than we did just four years ago?

With the current on-going drought conditions in California, water efficiency is a high priority – both to reduce water use and curtail energy costs.

Understanding the Added Value

The proliferation of rooftop solar energy systems on San Diego County homes in the past decade has been a bonanza for the solar industry, but as a growing number of these homes come on the local real estate market, it presents new challenges and opportu

Building California’s clean energy economy and clean-tech workforce

The City of Oakland’s reputation as a progressive city working toward a clean energy future would have been seriously compromised if plans to build a coal export facility on the old Oakland Army Base had gone forward (see: Coal Exports from Oakland's Ports, Bad Business).

Have you ever considered what impacts your electronics have on the environment after they stop working or become obsolete? Not many people do, but in short, it’s quite large.  In 2010 alone, Americans generated about 384 million units of e-waste such as computers, televisions and cellphones, but only 19% of that was recycled.