Policy & Regulatory

CSE offers unique insights and practical recommendations that help inform the public debate on policies and programs affecting the energy marketplace.

By leveraging our extensive program administration experience and deep knowledge of current energy sector best practices, our policy team provides an innovative feedback loop to help governments and others reach their clean energy goals. We use independent data and analysis to identify solutions, shape strategies and advocate processes that empower consumers at all socio-economic levels and accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy.


Policy & Regulatory Impacts

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Legislative Resources

During the 2015-16 legislative session CSE actively monitored and conducted analysis on energy legislation in California. Listed below are our priority bills from this session.

  • AB 904 (Perea): AQIP: Clean Reused Vehicle Rebates
  • AB 1236 (Chiu): EV Charging and Streamlined Permitting
  • SB 9 (Beall): Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program
  • SB 502 (Leno): BART Renewable Generation
  • AB 33 (Quirk): Public Utilities Code, relating to electricity (formerly Energy Sector Emissions Advisory Council)
  • AB 645 (Williams): California Renewables Portfolio Standard and related matters
  • AB 693 (Eggman): Multifamily Affordable Housing Solar Roofs Program
  • AB 1288 (Atkins): Air Resources (formerly Global Warming Solutions Act: Regulations)
  • AB 1330 (Bloom): EE Resource Standard
  • SB 32 (Pavley): Global Warming Solutions Act
  • SB 350 (De León): Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015. (Golden State Standards)
  • AB 88 (Gomez): Sales and use taxes: Exemption: energy or water efficient home appliances
  • AB 450 (McCarty): Energy Efficiency Financing
  • AB 678 (O’Donnell): Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reductions Ports Program
  • AB 793 (Quirk): Low Income Energy Efficiency
  • AB 802 (Williams): Energy Efficiency Benchmarking and Disclosure
  • AB 1511 (Perea): Energy Efficiency rate recovery
  • SB 723 (Pavley): Energy Efficiency: United States Armed Forces bases and facilities.
  • SB 765 (Wolk): Energy Efficiency Market Transformation Authority

Research and Reports

CSE provides timely research and reports to inform clean energy policies and regulation.