SunShot Initiative - Solar Market Pathways

CSE is driving the Virtual Net Metering Market Development Project to advance solar adoption across the nation. CSE is focused on the challenge of increasing rooftop solar photovoltaic installations on multitenant buildings and multifamily housing in California and beyond by taking advantage of favorable utility pricing structures. The three-year project focuses on expanding the awareness and use of California’s state-mandated virtual net energy metering (NEM-V) tariff, which provides a special utility billing arrangement allowing energy generation credits from a single solar system to be shared virtually among multiple tenant accounts. CSE’s findings will be valuable not only for existing community and shared solar programs throughout the country, but also to emerging markets seeking to develop a successful shared solar program in the future.

The Virtual Net Metering Market Development Project is one of 15 Solar Market Pathways projects funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative aimed at advancing nation’s adoption of solar power.

Solar Market Pathways Impacts

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