Zero Net Energy & Demand-Side Management Demo Project

California has aggressive policy goals to convert 50 percent of existing state-owned municipal buildings into zero net energy (ZNE) buildings by 2025 and for 50 percent of existing commercial buildings to be ZNE by 2030. To help achieve these objectives, local governments are moving rapidly to upgrade their building portfolios.

In this project, CSE is partnering with the California Energy Commission and City of San Diego in a multiyear effort to test, verify and demonstrate the value of integrating energy efficiency, solar power and other demand-side resources by converting three public libraries to ZNE or near-ZNE buildings. The aim is to create a replicable blueprint for local governments and substantiate the technical capacity of integrated demand-side management and renewable technologies to cost-effectively deliver ZNE in existing nonresidential municipal buildings and small commercial buildings.

Program at a Glance