Fleet Consulting

The Center for Sustainable Energy is working with San Diego County to accelerate adoption of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, to reduce fueling and maintenance costs and to develop industry partnerships.

  January 2013

San Diego Regional Energy Partnership Program

On behalf of the San Diego Regional Energy Partnership (SDREP), CSE conducts education and outreach to local government staff, home performance contractors and the real estate industry.

  January 2013

Energy Upgrade California Program

CSE implements the statewide marketing, education and outreach strategy of Energy Upgrade California® that helps Californians take action to save energy, conserve natural resources, reduce demand on the electricity grid, and make informed energy management choices at home and at work.

  January 2013

2012 CSE Annual Report

Where others may see disparate pieces of unresolvable socio-economic puzzles, we see links forming holistic solutions to help California and the nation reach our ambitious goals to go from a high-carbon to a low-carbon economy...

  December 2012

Reply Comments on Approving 2013‐2014 Energy Efficiency Programs and Budgets

Reply comments in response to redesigning Energy Upgrade California, the budget reductions and cost-effectiveness of Investor Owned Utilities and subsidized energy assessments.

  November 2012

San Joaquin Valley Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan

The San Joaquin Valley PEV Readiness Phase One Assessment is designed to enhance local PEV planning efforts by evaluating the current state of PEV readiness and identifying potential areas of improvement as well as tangible best practices developed throughout the San Joaquin Valley, California and abroad.

  November 2012

Appendix: San Joaquin Valley Plug in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan- Phase One Assessment

The Appendix to the San Joaquin Valley Plug in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan - Phase One Assessment.

  November 2012

Comments on Approving 2013‐2014 Energy Efficiency Programs and Budgets

Comments on the ALJ’s proposed Decision Approving 2013‐2014 Energy Efficiency Programs and Budgets, filed October 9, 2012.

  October 2012

The Potential of Water Efficiency and Conservation: Opportunities in Single Family Homes in San Diego

The fifth publication in Equinox Project's H2Overview, this is study examines opportunities in San Diego County to use water more efficiently.

  October 2012

Reply to Petition Addressing CSI General Market Program Administration Budget Issues

Reply to CSE’s Petition for Modification of Decisions D.10‐09‐046, D.08‐10‐036, D.11‐07‐031 and D.06‐08‐028 to address California Solar Initiative General Market Program administration budget issues.

  September 2012


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