Energy Efficiency

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CCSE & CalCERTS to Expand Building & Home Performance Training

Effort to help increase energy efficiency of California homes and buildings

CCSE and CalCERTS, Inc. have entered into a partnership agreement to provide training for building science professionals and contractors in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego regions.

The training supports programs statewide to help homeowners and building owners understand and identify the most cost-effective and appropriate energy efficiency improvements. Residences and commercial buildings in the state account for about 65 percent of California’s total electrical consumption.

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Leaky ducts were lurking in the attic

In 2010, Tony and Cindy bought a remodeled 25-year-old home in Spring Valley. They quickly discovered the temperatures in the home were inconsistent and uncomfortable. "Our house was really cold in the winter and it got really hot in the summer," says Cindy. They knew there was very little insulation in the attic, and a home energy assessment conducted last year revealed gaping holes in the ducts.

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A room with a view – and unbearably hot summers

Beth and Paul's beautiful La Mesa home used to have one major problem. "The living room was unbearable in the summer," says Beth. "It felt like you could cook a chicken in there.” Their floor-to-ceiling, west-facing windows were partly to blame, but there was more to the story.