California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project


CSE is accelerating electric vehicle (EV) adoption through managing the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP), an initiative to greatly increase EV charging at public locations with funding up to $200 million from the California Energy Commission. The mission is to install sufficient charging infrastructure to support the state's goal of up to 1.5 million plug-in EVs by 2025.

CALeVIP works with local governments and community partners to develop regional projects to incentivize EV charging at businesses, workplaces, apartment buildings, condominiums and public agencies. The first project launched in Fresno County in December 2017, and additional projects are under development. CSE manages the individual incentive projects and distributes rebates as well as provides outreach materials and online resources to assist property owners, EV charging manufacturers and service providers.


Program at a Glance

Program Goals

Improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California by expanding the EV charging network

CSE's Role

As project implementers, issue rebates and provide marketing and outreach to property owners and stakeholders


Clean Transportation

Key Partners

California Energy Commission, Energy Division

State Policies Supported

California ZEV Action Plan, Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program

Impact Statement

Among the largest state-funded EV charging infrastructure projects in the nation