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We’re advancing the transformation of buildings and the electrical grid with energy-efficient and distributed energy resources

CSE’s work in sustainable energy helps modernize the human-made structures that make up and define the world we live in. We design and administer programs that integrate distributed energy resource technologies and upgrade building performance so that our built environment is transformed into a decarbonized, grid-interactive environment.

Built Environment
Execution with national impact

To execute our mission, our work falls into three broad areas: Program Administration, Energy Advisory Services and Training & Education.

Program Administration

We support renewable energy, distributed generation and demand reduction with strategies and programs that help everyone from consumers and local communities to community choice aggregators, utilities and statewide agencies reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

CSE is a key partner on a team of clean energy and affordable housing nonprofits selected by the California Public Utilities Commission to administer an up to $1 billion program to install 300 megawatts of solar electric panels on multifamily affordable housing over the next ten years. Learn More

Jae Berg

“CSE has a long history of implementing large-scale consumer programs, giving us a deep understanding of the many aspects required for success from program design and stakeholder engagement to secure processing and ongoing evaluation.”

Jae Berg
Senior Manager, Distributed Energy Resources

Providing financial assistance for the installation of energy storage, fuel cells, wind, waste energy recovery, pressure reduction turbines and combined heat and power. Learn More

portrait of Andrea Woodall

“Energy storage is changing the way people think about solar. By charging and discharging energy when needed, it increases the value proposition of intermittent renewables.”

Andrea Woodall
Sr. Project Manager, Self-Generation Incentive Program

CSE provides substantial rebates for solar water heating systems in the San Diego Gas & Electric service area and conducts outreach and education aimed at improving consumer knowledge about its benefits. Learn More

Brian Jones

“Solar electric power is only one piece of the puzzle. If California wants to achieve its ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, we need to find a better way to heat our water and indoor areas.”

Brian Jones
Director of Incentive Programs, Distributed Energy Resources

Energy Advisory Services

CSE incorporates holistic approaches to help clients on all levels identify and achieve long-term goals related to energy-efficient systems, on-site generation, energy storage, microgrids and sustainable technologies.

Through managing the Department of Energy’s CHP TAP in Western states, CSE provides engineering assistance to commercial, industrial and government facility owners and managers with sustainable and resilient technologies that support energy security. Learn More

Carol Denning

“CSE educates policymakers, stakeholders, and prospective end-users about technologies that improve energy efficiency, reliability and resiliency. We also provide technical assistance to colleges and universities, commercial and industrial entities, and state and local governments to evaluate and implement those technologies”

Carol Denning
Director, Energy Resilience & Reliability

Training & Education

CSE realizes that an educated and skilled workforce is necessary to accomplish the desired clean energy results. That’s why we provide training on renewable and distributed energy technologies, building performance and sustainability best practices for public agencies, utilities, community choice aggregators and industry employees.

CSE is improving automated demand response capabilities for California’s grid with a $4.5 million grant from the California Energy Commission to train more than 500 recruits and electrical apprentices from disadvantaged communities to install and maintain AutoDR equipment. Learn More

Sean Sevilla Portrait

“While demand response systems are widely available and highly dependable, their proper connection at building sites has not been adequately translated to contractors, resulting in poor installations and faulty commissioning of systems. To enable the state to realize the full potential of AutoDR, we must address and overcome this workforce skills gap.”

Sean Sevilla
Senior Manager, Distributed Energy Resources

CSE’s Energy Code Coach program provides in‐house support to help local government building departments overcome code implementation challenges including limited time and resources, competing priorities and lack of full understanding of complicated standards. Coaches also are a resource for local developers in helping permit applicants correctly address and exceed minimum standards. Learn More

Jeanne Fricot

“As California moves toward zero net energy building standards for new construction and major renovations, energy codes are becoming more complex, making compliance implementation increasingly difficult.”

Jeanne Fricot
Senior Specialist, Codes & Standards
Our Values at Work

CSE and the Building Codes Assistance Project distributed solar educational materials and held training sessions for architects and building designers in 22 key metropolitan areas across the nation to provide tools to better incorporate solar into new construction and support growth in the solar market. Learn More

Jacqueline Berg Portrait

“As part of our efforts to drive market transformation in the clean energy sector, CSE is honored to play a role in supporting this initiative to help train those who will design a future powered by sustainable energy technologies.”

Jacqueline Berg
Sr. Project Manager, Incentives and Operations

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