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Clean Transportation Expertise

We’re leading the charge on transportation electrification by promoting widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption and charging infrastructure market development

Our transportation services support the clean vehicle marketplace through consumer incentive and education programs, municipal and regional fleet and infrastructure planning, cutting-edge research and government and stakeholder engagement.

Execution with national impact

To execute our mission, our work falls into three broad areas: Data-Driven Program Design, EV Program Administration, and EV Charger Planning and Execution.

Data-Driven Strategy

CSE’s dynamic climate tech platform empowers decision-makers to increase electric vehicle adoption and EV charging deployment at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.

With the Caret® suite of software-enabled services, you can make efficient, effective use of EV charging infrastructure funds through a 3-step data-driven process customized to your needs. Learn More

Ken Gillingham

“What motivates buyers to adopt new technologies like EVs goes well beyond just price. Leveraging this insight with data is essential to overcome the variety of barriers to EV adoption.”

Ken Gillingham
Yale University Associate Professor and Behavioral Economics Advisor to CSE

EV Program Administration

We are the stand-alone leader in the design, administration and evaluation of scaled incentive programs that create consumer market demand for electric vehicles. You’ll find our EV incentive programs in states at the forefront of clean energy initiatives.

Since program inception in 2009, CSE has administered rebates for the nation’s largest state EV incentive program. By collecting extensive data on program outputs and impacts we’ve created a high level of transparency and accountability that informs and benefits public agencies, manufacturers, dealers and other EV stakeholders. Learn More

Jonathan Changus, Director of Transportation, Western States

“By leveraging our extensive clean transportation program experience and deep knowledge of EV adoption, we provide a comprehensive feedback loop for governments and other stakeholders to better understand how to achieve clean air goals.”

Jonathan Changus
Director of Transportation, Western States

CSE is the administrator for the MOR-EV program, providing residents incentives, education and outreach via social media, ride-and-drive events and marketing efforts aimed at increasing electric vehicles adoption and reducing air pollution emissions across the commonwealth. Learn More


Marlene Maurer

“Incentive programs play a significant role in promoting clean transportation alternatives, especially when there are real barriers to their adoption, and help people make more sustainable choices.”

Marlene Maurer
Manager, U.S. Transportation Programs

EV Charger Planning and Execution

With our objective, data-driven guidance, you will know how much EV charging you need, pinpoint exactly where it should go, and get it in the ground fast.

With up to $200 million from the California Energy Commission, we’re supporting publicly available EV charging at businesses, multifamily housing, workplaces and government agencies statewide. Learn More

John Gartner, Senior Director, Transportation

“Our goal is to help government and industry achieve massive greenhouse gas reductions by making EV charging as seamless, easy and publicly accessible as gassing up a standard car.”

John Gartner
Senior Director, Transportation Programs

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