Technology Convergence

Technology Convergence

We’re creating smart and connected networks of distributed energy resources and establishing clean transportation systems to facilitate grid decarbonization

We have broad expertise in convergent technologies that combine new ways of generating, distributing and using renewable energy sources across sectors and activities. Through demonstration projects, we learn from groundbreaking approaches that can be applied in utility-scale, commercial and consumer contexts to foster decarbonization.

Execution with national impact

To execute our mission, our work falls into three broad areas: Program Administration, Energy Advisory Services and Training & Education.

Program Administration

We partner with you to integrate energy-related technologies, policies and practices to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

CSE directs this project to analyze how facilities with distributed energy resources, specifically solar, energy storage and energy management systems, can save money and assist the power grid by participating in wholesale energy markets. Test demonstration sites include five schools in Chino Hills and two hotels in San Diego. Learn More

Pierre Bull

“We’ve teamed up with industry partners to test the ability of distributed energy resources to cost-effectively accomplish their main purpose of meeting on-site electricity need while providing resiliency and other services to the grid.”

Pierre Bull
Assistant Manager, Distributed Energy Resources

Energy Advisory Services

We create results that allow stakeholders to better understand the technical, institutional and regulatory barriers to facilitating distributed energy resource (DER) participation in supply-side markets.

CSE is conducting a California Energy Commission pilot project with Walmart Inc. to assess the ability of several emerging energy efficiency technologies to significantly cut energy use specifically in large retail buildings. If the combined technologies successfully lead to reduced energy use, their application could be fast-tracked into the commercial market. Learn More

Rebecca Baptiste

“This project gives us the ability to rigorously evaluate precommercial energy technologies offering unproven savings potential in a real-world situation with minimum investment risk by the building owner.”

Rebecca Baptiste
Associate Manager

Training & Education

We turn strategic programs into accessible technology integration projects. Effective execution and training provide an educational foundation for governments to develop actionable approaches to their goals.

CSE is a consultant for the city of Del Mar on a solar+storage system on its civic center, a project partially funded by a California Energy Commission grant. Our services include performance analysis of energy savings, system monitoring, quarterly performance reports and marketing and education to widely demonstrate the project to other municipalities. Learn More

Alex Kaufman

“As California cities seek greater energy efficiency in municipal buildings to help meet greenhouse gas reduction goals and climate action plans, it is increasingly important to develop strategies that maximize the benefits of combining solar and energy storage systems.”

Alex Kaufman
Energy Engineer

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