California Solar Initiative - Thermal


CSE administers the California Solar Initiative-Thermal (CSI-T) Program for customers in the San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) territory. Through the $28 million incentive program, homeowners, multifamily and commercial property owners, and governmental organizations can generate significant savings through rebates by installing solar water heating systems for pools and buildings that displace natural gas usage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The CSI-T Program is a ratepayer-funded rebate program for customers of the four California investor-owned utilities. Rebates for solar water heating systems are based on the amount of energy the system is expected to displace in one year.


California Solar Initiative - Thermal Impacts

$10.4 million in rebates

To date, we have administered and processed more than 465 rebates totaling more than $10.4 million.

746,660 therms offset

CSI-funded solar thermal projects in the San Diego region are reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 3,600 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually – about the same as taking 800 gasoline cars off the road.

5,514 homeowners engaged

Since 2010, CSE offered over 70 workshops focused on solar technologies for homeowners, reaching over 2,000 interested residents in the San Diego region.

Program at a Glance

Program Goals

Promote the solar water heating market, reduce market barriers, support system cost reductions and increase consumer confidence and understanding

CSE's Role

Program Administrator for San Diego Gas & Electric territory


Key Partners

California Public Utilities Commission, San Diego Gas & Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas

State Policies Supported

AB 1470, SB 1, AB 2249, AB 797

Impact Statement

Processed $9.2 million in rebates and offset 676,000 therms of natural gas use annually