GoGreen Financing


CSE is the marketing, education and outreach administrator for GoGreen Financing, a pilot program providing homeowners, renters, business owners and affordable multifamily property owners with access to financing at attractive rates and terms which allows Californians to upgrade their buildings, reduce energy usage and help improve comfort and indoor air quality. Through its partnerships with financing companies and participating contractors and project developers, GoGreen Financing connects Californians with opportunities to:

  • make residential, business and multifamily properties more energy efficient
  • overcome the need for upfront cash to make energy efficiency improvements
  • spread the cost of energy efficiency projects over time
  • improve the comfort of their home or business through energy upgrades.

GoGreen Financing has hundreds of contractor and project developer partners, numerous finance company partners and has provided over $10 million in energy efficiency lending.

GoGreen Financing

Program at a Glance

Program Goals

Provide access to attractive financing for Californians to upgrade their buildings, reduce energy usage and help to improve comfort and indoor air quality.

CSE's Role

Marketing, education and outreach implementer.


Key Partners

  • California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA)
  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • Southern California Edison (SCE)
  • Southern California Gas (SoCalGas)

State Policies Supported

AB 758 Action Plan

Impact Statement

GoGreen Financing provides a pathway to broader and deeper energy savings than can be realized through traditional utility rebate and incentive programs, makes more private capital available for energy upgrades and helps traditionally underserved customers access attractive financing.