Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Project


CSE is the statewide administrator of the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (OCVRP), which provides incentives to consumers, nonprofits and business owners for the purchase or lease of new or used eligible zero-emission vehicles.

The program, an initiative of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, encourages Oregonians to purchase clean vehicles and progress the state toward cleaner air and its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. OCVRP offers rebates from $750 to $2,500 toward the purchase or lease of new or used EVs. Additionally, an income-qualified component offers low- to moderate-income participants rebates up to $5,000. 

Launched in 2018, the program has $10.8 million in funding annually through 2024 from the Zero-Emission Incentive Fund.

Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Project

Program at a Glance

Program Goals

Award up to 4,320 rebates per year.

CSE's Role

CSE provides program administration and expertise in EV incentive program design, rebate processing software solutions, rebate processing and income qualification, measurement and evaluation.

CSE partners with Forth Mobility to offer statewide education and outreach with a focus on low- to moderate-income communities.


Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Key Partners

  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Forth Mobility

State Policies Supported

The program supports Oregon's goal of 50,000 registered zero-emission vehicles on roads by the end of 2020 to reduce air pollution and progress the state toward its greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Impact Statement

CSE developed a customized Salesforce platform to automate rebate processing for the program and an integrated website to market the program.