PECO Commercial EV Charger Rebates


CSE administers a program that demonstrates the viability of electric vehicle (EV) charger “make-ready” rebates for commercial and industrial customers sponsored by PECO, an energy company in southeastern Pennsylvania.

The rebates cover make-ready costs that ensure a safe electrical connection from the property’s meter to the charging infrastructure. Starting with a pilot program, PECO offered rebates of up to $2,000 per charging port or 50% of make-ready costs associated with Level 2 EV charger installations. An additional $1,000 per port or 75% of make-ready costs was available for projects within designated environmental justice areas. In 2022, CSE launched the pilot within six weeks of contract award, and it was fully subscribed within six months.

In Q4 2023, PECO allocated an additional $1 million to continue the charger program and expanded it to include incentives for make-ready, equipment and installation of commercial direct current fast chargers at sites determined to be for public benefit. The program requires rebate recipients to provide ongoing charging data via CSE’s Caret Knowledgebase to inform PECO on usage patterns.

PECO - image of Philadelphia

PECO Commercial EV Charger Rebates Impacts

128 charging ports

CSE facilitated 128 Level 2 EV charging ports at various locations


33 incentives

CSE awarded 33 rebates for commercial and industrial customers

$298,000 issued

CSE distributed $298,000 for Level 2 make-ready projects

Program at a Glance

Program Goals

To gather data to help PECO evaluate how chargers are used in its service territory and potential impacts

CSE's Role

Processing rebate applications, issuing payments and collecting data from program chargers


EV Charging Infrastructure

Key Partners

PECO Energy Company, various electric vehicle service providers

State Policies Supported

Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan 2021

Pennsylvania’s Electric Vehicle Roadmap

Impact Statement

Accelerate adoption of EVs in southeastern Pennsylvania and improve air quality