SDG&E Pre-Owned EV Rebate


The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) administers the SDG&E® Pre-Owned Electric Vehicle program that offers used electric vehicle (EV) incentives to San Diego Gas & Electric® customers.  

The program offers two options for the purchase or lease of a pre-owned EV: a $1,000 standard rebate or a Rebate Plus option of $4,000 for applicants who meet specific income-based requirements.  

As administrator, CSE processes applications, issues checks and reports on program statistics. CSE also conducts marketing and outreach to increase program participation, working with used car dealers to educate sales staff and with community-based organizations to educate their constituents on rebates and EV benefits. 

The program is funded through SDG&E’s participation in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program, which the California Air Resources Board operates as part of statewide efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by incentivizing the adoption of clean transportation fuels, such as electricity. 

EV Rebates

Program at a Glance

Program Goals

Encourage used EV adoption in the San Diego Gas & Electric service territory, especially among underserved car shoppers

CSE's Role

Administer the SDG&E Pre-Owned EV program and provide information on clean vehicles and rebates to consumers, dealerships and stakeholders


Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Key Partners

San Diego Gas & Electric 


Auto dealers

State Policies Supported

Help achieve California executive order requiring five million zero-emission vehicles on state roads by 2030 

Impact Statement

Expand EV adoption and analyze the impact of rebates on the rate of used EV adoption