Southern California Edison Clean Fuel Reward Program


Southern California Edison (SCE) chose the Center for Sustainable Energy to administer its Clean Fuel Reward Program, which provided its customers who drive all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles a payment of $1,000 through the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program. The SCE program, which ended in 2020, was designed to help combat climate change by encouraging the use of electric vehicles. 

The Center for Sustainable Energy now administers SCE's Pre-Owned Electric Vehicle Rebate Program. Learn more at:



Program at a Glance

Program Goals

Encouraged utility customers to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions by incentivizing electric vehicle use

CSE's Role

Administered rebates and provided marketing, education and outreach


Electric Vehicles (EVs)

State Policies Supported

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program

Impact Statement

Provided a model for utilities nationwide to help cut carbon emissions and air pollution through the wider adoption of electric vehicles by local consumers