Vehicle-Grid Integration in California


California has established ambitious and comprehensive statutory goals to decarbonize the electric power and transportation sectors. The state's vision to achieve crosscutting benefits from these two separate yet interconnected efforts, however, requires new thinking on precisely how electric system operators can leverage and utilize plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) as beneficial distributed energy resources (DERs) without compromising safety, data security, consumer simplicity or the mobility needs of PEV owners.

Global experts on advanced vehicle-grid integration (VGI) practices, RWE and KnGrid, in partnership with CSE, are developing the world’s first standards-based communications platform that directly incorporates the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 15118 standard. The platform, defined as a “demand clearing house” (DCH), provides electric system operators, balancing authorities and others the mechanism necessary to manage successfully millions of PEVs and provide large amounts of new, low-cost flexible capacity on the grid.

The project will evaluate the DCH and control system’s effectiveness in allowing utilities to potentially provide a viable and scalable pathway toward using PEVs to manage variable grid conditions, solar oversupply and other systemwide challenges associated with the state’s goals to decarbonize its electricity sector with variable renewable resources while simultaneously responding to supplemental energy market prices.

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Program at a Glance

Program Goals

To develop a solution for smart and efficient PEV charging in California that benefits vehicle owners, electric system operators and the environment

CSE's Role

Execution of R&D with a variety of project partners


Distributed Energy Resources
Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Key Partners

RWE, Globant, Energy Solutions, Strategen Consulting, UC San Diego

State Policies Supported

California Energy Commission Electric Program Investment Charge, Charge Ahead California Initiative (SB 1275, de León), 2013 ZEV Action Plan, California’s Vehicle-Grid Integration Roadmap

Impact Statement

Accelerate deployment of PEVs and smart charging infrastructure that increases electricity reliability and lowers costs by managing PEV electric loads to respond to renewable energy variability and distribution grid capacity constraints