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California Legislation Shores Up PACE Consumer Protection

Since the launch of property assessed clean energy (PACE) loans in 2008, some 150,000 California homeowners have used them to finance energy and water efficiency improvements and install solar electric systems, making payments through their property tax bills.

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San Diego Homeowner Lowers Energy Bills by Twenty Percent

When Chris Branson bought his first home, a 1966-built house in the University City neighborhood of San Diego, he was eager to start remodeling and making improvements. His biggest concerns were the furnace, sliding doors and windows. 

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Scripps Ranch Family Beats Drafty Winters with Home Upgrade

Eliot and Ashley Metzger started researching energy efficiency programs before they even moved into their Scripps Ranch house. It turned out to be time well spent. During their first winter in the 1970-built home, the furnace cycled on multiple times each night and the bedrooms fluctuated between too cold and too hot. 

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Test, Don't Guess with Home Energy Assessments

Maybe your guest bedroom is frigid and drafty in the winter, forcing Aunt Linda to layer on the blankets and run the space heater all night. Perhaps your south-facing rooms are unbearably hot in the summer, reducing your indoor comfort zone. Or you're simply tired of high energy bills — year-round or seasonally, or both.

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Homeowners Share Energy Upgrade Experience

Skip and Sandy Florey of Mira Mesa first learned about home energy upgrades by attending an energy efficiency home tour in 2012. "We wanted to find out what else we could do to save energy and make our home more comfortable," Sandy recalls.

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Energy-Efficient Home in Oceanside Open for Tours

Even a mild Oceanside winter can make a home uncomfortable if it's not properly insulated and sealed. That's what Mark and Jenny Zajac discovered after purchasing their 1970s split-level home last year.

Attic ducts
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Leaky ducts were lurking in the attic

In 2010, Tony and Cindy bought a remodeled 25-year-old home in Spring Valley. They quickly discovered the temperatures in the home were inconsistent and uncomfortable. "Our house was really cold in the winter and it got really hot in the summer," says Cindy.

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Carlsbad Home Combines Solar, Energy Efficiency and Electric Car

Janet and Oscar Valent of Carlsbad have made sustainable energy a way of life. Since purchasing their 1947-built home five years ago, they have renovated it to use far less energy and stay more comfortable throughout summer and winter.

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Working to Streamline HVAC Permit Processes

When a residential HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) replacement is made in California, it's often done without the required permits. Why? While the cost of a permit is a factor, the biggest hindrance is the time it typically takes to go through the permit process.

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Family Home Gets Energy Efficiency Makeover

Chris and Susan Anderson's Spring Valley home was built in 1960 and designed by Chris's father, an architect.