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New CSE Board Members Bring Expertise in National Energy Issues

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CSE announced this week the expansion of its board of directors with the addition of two executives, Buck Endemann of San Francisco and Jimmy Jia of Seattle.

“CSE is becoming a greater part of the national discussion and providing solutions that are accelerating the transition to a sustainable world powered by clean energy” said Nick Leibham, a partner with K&L Gates and chairman of CSE’s board of directors. “Both Jia and Endemann bring solid expertise and creative mindsets to the organization and will help us expand across the western United States as well as nationally.”

Buck Endemann is a partner in the global law firm K&L Gates. Over the last decade, he has focused on the regulatory, commercial and land use aspects of renewable energy and infrastructure projects throughout the western United States. Endemann has notable expertise working on issues of the California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission and the California Independent System Operator.

“I am excited to join the CSE board and help California and the nation develop more distributed, resilient and efficient power and transportation sectors” Endemann said.

Jimmy Jia has a multidisciplinary background as inventor, entrepreneur, author and educator. As founder and CEO of Distributed Energy Management, he helps companies create corporate strategies that merge energy consumption with financial strategies. In addition, Jia teaches MBA courses in strategy and sustainable energy solutions at Presidio Graduate School.

“I am excited to join the board of CSE and contribute to its strategic direction as the organization examines new markets, creates new products and helps communities adapt to a renewable future,” Jia said.

“The breadth of our program management contracts illustrates the powerful skillset we possess across the renewable energy spectrum and the diverse opportunities the organization and its board members are fielding on a regular basis,” stated Larry Goldenhersh, CSE’s president.

CSE provides management services for renewable energy market incentive programs and customized answers for implementing sustainable energy solutions. CSE’s breadth of experience is illustrated by the programs it manages, including statewide incentive programs for electric vehicles and electrical vehicle charging infrastructure in California, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts and energy storage and solar rebate projects in various jurisdictions.

August 8 2018
Chuck Colgan