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New Jersey Selects CSE to Administer Electric Vehicle Rebates

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new jersey selects cse to administer electric vehicle rebates

In a push for greater clean vehicle adoption, New Jersey is the latest state to engage the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to assist in developing and administering its consumer electric vehicle incentive program Charge Up New Jersey.

In January, Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation creating a light-duty plug-in electric vehicle (EV) incentive program. The law was effective the day the bill was signed, making post-purchase incentives available for residents who purchased eligible EVs since January 17.

"Increasing the use of electric vehicles is a critical step to secure New Jersey's clean energy future," said Governor Murphy in a news release. "By establishing aggressive goals and strong incentives for electric vehicles, we are repositioning our economy and state for a clean future.”

CSE's role

CSE currently administers statewide EV incentive programs and promotes EV adoption in California, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Oregon. Since 2010, CSE has awarded more than $895 million in incentives for over 402,000 EVs.

Working with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, CSE has created the new Charge Up New Jersey program. Phase 1 is a post-purchase incentive, facilitated by an online application process.  CSE has partnered with the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers and will work with its extensive network of more than 500 new car dealers to support and promote the incentive program and further EV adoption.

Program details & goals

The New Jersey program defines an eligible vehicle as a new, light-duty plug-in EV, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price below $55,000. Vehicles must be purchased or leased from a New Jersey dealership or showroom, and subsequently registered within the state. The amount of the incentive is equal to $25 per mile of EPA-rated all-electric range, up to a maximum of $5,000 per eligible vehicle. A fully electric vehicle with 200 miles of electric range or more will qualify for the maximum $5,000 incentive amount, whereas a hybrid EV with 20 miles of electric range will qualify for a $500 incentive.

New Jersey’s EV incentive will be funded on an annual basis with $30 million from the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Incentive Fund, which was established by the EV law (S2252).

The Murphy Administration's objective is to have 330,000 registered light-duty electric vehicles in the state by 2025, supporting the goal of putting New Jersey on a path to a 100% clean energy by 2050.

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