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New Online Dashboard Details Electric Vehicle Consumer Data

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The most up-to-date electric vehicle (EV) market data detailing California consumer demographics, purchasing motivations, dealership experience and other factors is now available online.

The EV Consumer Survey Dashboard is an interactive, graphical tool designed to give stakeholders and the public access to the results of one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive ongoing surveys of EV consumers. Based on data collected from the California Air Resources Board’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), the dashboard currently includes information provided by nearly 10,000 participants who acquired vehicles since September 2012.

The dashboard depicts data, updated monthly, characterizing EV consumer demographics, awareness and use of special utility rates for EV charging, residential solar adoption, the dealership experience, purchase-related decision factors and important information channels. Tabulations are sortable by a number of filters including type of vehicle, manufacturer, geographic area and acquisition by purchase or lease. You can watch an EV Consumer Survey Dashboard Webinar that explains its features in detail.

This type of EV consumer data is valuable to automobile manufacturers and retailers, utilities, city planners, policymakers and others involved in developing EV and charging infrastructure markets. Those interested in doing their own analysis can create customized comparisons or download the CVRP survey data set.

“The electric vehicle market share has continued to accelerate in California,” said Colin Santulli, CSE’s senior manager of transportation programs. “Continuing to explore and understand this market is more vital than ever to accommodate greater EV adoption.”

CSE administers CVRP on behalf of the California Air Resources Board. A leader in alternative fuel transportation planning and programs in California, CSE has issued more than $146.5 million in CVRP incentives for some 70,200 EVs and helped to educate hundreds of thousands of Californians on the availability and benefits of zero-emission vehicles since the rebate project’s inception in 2010.

Watch the EV Consumer Survey Dashboard Webinar now.

August 13 2015
Chuck Colgan