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Statement on the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act

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Decarbonized future

Statement from Lawrence Goldenhersh

President, Center for Sustainable Energy 

The Inflation Reduction Act will catalyze a transformation of our energy and transportation systems by investing in a decarbonized future.  

These tax credits and incentives will spur increased manufacturing and adoption of clean technologies by all Americans, including people with low and moderate incomes and communities that have borne the brunt of pollution. We’re investing in climate solutions – including energy-efficient, all-electric homes; rooftop solar; energy storage; and electric vehicles. 

The Center for Sustainable Energy, a national nonprofit that administers clean energy and transportation incentive programs across the U.S., is proud that our data and analysis helped inform this act. We look forward to continuing to work with federal, state and local policymakers to speed decarbonization.