The Impact of EV Charging Stations on Light-Duty EV Adoption in California

Impact of EV Charging Stations

In 2019, California increased Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CRVP) rebate amounts for electric vehicles and announced new regulations requiring ride-hailing companies to gradually transition to zero-emission vehicles. The year also saw a significant increase in electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) installations in the state.

CSE’s Makuochukwu Okoma, a senior research analyst, evaluated the impact of EVCS installations in California on light-duty EV adoption and CVRP rebates in 2019 in this report presented at the 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS36).

  • The increase in mean EV adoption – from 284 before the installation of EV charging stations to 373 afterward – was statistically significant.
  • The increase in mean dollar rebate before and after EVCS installations, from $2,308 to $2,549, was not statistically significant. 

These results support the hypothesis that installing EV charging stations is associated with increased EV adoption, which could be helpful information for policymakers and stakeholders interested in promoting electric vehicle adoption.