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MOR-EV Program Statistics Dashboard and Map

MOR-EV Program Statistics Dashboard

The Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) Program Statistics Dashboard and Map offer interactive access to program data including key rebate statistics and geographical data.

Leveraging the rebate program database of information gathered since program inception in June 2014, MOR-EV Program Statistics and Map provide a variety of information about the adoption and distribution of electric vehicles in Massachusetts. Not all electric vehicles in Massachusetts will be captured in the MOR-EV database as not every electric vehicle owner applies for a MOR-EV rebate. In addition to key statistics about MOR-EV, this site offers rebate distribution data filtered by zip code or county.

As the MOR-EV program administrator, the Center for Sustainable Energy promotes the production and use of electric vehicles through consumer rebates, outreach and education funded by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.