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Presentation: "How to Approach Zero Net Energy for Existing Municipal Buildings"

How to Approach Zero Net Energy at Existing Municipal Buildings Webinar

By the end of this year, three existing City of San Diego libraries will receive energy efficiency upgrades that will drastically reduce their energy usage and bring them close to Zero Net Energy (ZNE). These retrofits are part of a project known as SD ZN3 and are a demonstration of how ZNE can be achieved in existing commercial buildings and contribute toward California’s aggressive policy goal to convert 50% of existing commercial buildings to ZNE by 2030.  

During the presentation "How to Approach Zero Net Energy for Existing Municipal Buildings", project lead at Center for Sustainable Energy and project partner from the City of San Diego discover what steps need to be taken and procedures followed to retrofit the three libraries to achieve zero net energy. More project details be found on the SD ZN3 project website.