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CSE Joins National EV Charging Initiative

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CSE Joins National EV Charging Initiative

Coalition Seeks to Speed Deployment of EV Charging

SAN DIEGO – The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) is joining the National EV Charging Initiative, a coalition of groups seeking to accelerate the buildout of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure across the United States.

The initiative includes organizations representing a wide spectrum of stakeholders, from automakers and labor unions to utilities and environmental organizations, who are mobilizing to push for deeper commitments to deploy EV charging infrastructure.

“To support widespread EV adoption, we need more charging infrastructure,” said CSE President Lawrence Goldenhersh. “Publicly available charging increases drivers’ comfort with EVs, enables longer distance travel, and provides options for people without access to charging at home or work. Through CSE’s Caret™ climate tech platform, we are using software-enabled, data-driven analysis to get more chargers in the ground and put them where they need to be.”

The coalition’s goals include creating an action plan to speed EV infrastructure deployment and ensure benefits to underserved communities.

For more on the initiative, visit the website.

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