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National Automobile Dealers Association and CSE Partner on EV Future

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Partnering with NADA to educate sales staff

CSE teams up with NADA to offer EV training for sales staff, dealer referral network for consumers

As electric vehicle (EV) model choices and consumer interest continue to grow, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) are partnering to create an EV sales training certification program to help sales staff engage and educate buyers. The announcement was made Friday, March 11, at the NADA Show 2022 in Las Vegas.

The goal is to support the thousands of sales staff at new car franchised dealerships who are in a prime position to serve as consumer advisors and drive the success of the EV market.

CSE has interacted with a half million EV buyers through state EV incentive programs it administers and collaborated with new car dealer associations in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Oregon to provide unbiased EV training and resources.

Car buyers tell CSE they have questions – like where and how to charge an EV and how much charging will cost. Dealerships say they need accurate, relevant resources and training to address buyers’ questions and make the sale.

The online, interactive certification program will offer brand-agnostic information, complementing auto manufacturers’ model-specific training, to help sales staff accurately address consumer questions about driving, charging and maintaining an EV. Sales staff who earn a certification by successfully completing the course will be eligible to participate in a new Dealer Referral Network, a consumer resource for identifying dealerships with staff trained and certified in EV sales.

“The electric vehicle market is moving beyond early adopters to consumers who have lots of questions about what it’s like to own an EV,” said CSE President Lawrence Goldenhersh. “Auto dealer sales staff sit at the nexus in this market transition, and will be called upon to provide confidence-creating, point-of-sale education to millions of auto buyers considering the move to an EV. We are honored to be working with NADA to provide the training that will empower these sales teams to be a trusted resource to the auto buyers they serve.”

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The Center for Sustainable Energy is an independent nonprofit that is transforming markets for clean transportation and distributed energy through software-enabled program administration and services. CSE has managed more than $1 billion in EV incentive programs and interacted with half a million new EV car buyers in the U.S.