Targeting Incentives Cost Effectively in the New York State Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

EV Incentives in New York

To increase the cost-effectiveness of electric vehicle (EV) incentives and outreach, this research examined consumers who would not have purchased/leased their EV without New York State’s Drive Clean Rebate. We call this group “Rebate Essentials.”

The research, presented to the 35th International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS35), is based on survey responses from 5,191 participants who received EV rebates from 2017–2019 and statistical modeling of 45+ factors that may increase the odds of a consumer being “Rebate Essential.”

The research reinforced the importance of increasing awareness of incentive programs, especially during car shoppers’ information-gathering phase.

Overall, financial and practical considerations, such as special electricity rates or free charging away from home, resonated most with individuals identified as “Rebate Essentials.” These individuals, who tend to be relatively younger, lower-income, and/or renters, were somewhat less motivated by social/environmental motivations for EVs.

Profiles generated for each vehicle category (plug-in hybrid EVs, Tesla battery EVs, and non-Tesla BEVs) summarize characteristics and describe top opportunities for reinforcing Rebate Essential adoption through incentive design and outreach.

To view the full report, go to Targeting Incentives Cost Effectively: "Rebate Essential" Consumers in the New York State Electric Vehicle Rebate Program