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Mapping the Road to Decarbonization in Northeast Energy Markets

CSE leaders cover strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transforming energy markets.

Why Traditional Energy Efficiency Remains Essential

As techniques to achieve building decarbonization evolve, these traditional energy efficiency measures remain fundamental to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

CSE Projects Aimed at Streamlining Solar Permitting and Interconnection

CSE’s efforts to streamline rooftop solar installation permitting and interconnection processes were highlighted by two staff members at EUCI’s energy professionals conference entitled Optimizing the Interconnection Process for Renewables and Storage held in Baltimore in July. 

Transportation Sector Cap-and-Invest Can Reduce Pollution and Fund Cleaner Vehicles

Nine Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states and the District of Columbia have joined forces to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation sector and help achieve their climate mitigation goals through a cap-and-invest system.

What is the three-prong test—and why does it matter to CCAs?

On August 1, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) quietly approved a decision to modify a little-known policy called the “three-prong test.” An esoteric concept unfamiliar to anyone other than t