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Report Assesses How Distributed Energy Resources Can Meet Customer and Grid Needs

The spread of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as on-site solar power, battery storage and smart meters, is enabling businesses to better manage and control their energy usage and costs.

CSE Leadership Shares Electric Vehicle Findings at Forth Roadmap Conference

The electric vehicle industry is growing and changing quickly, and CSE’s real-time program data and field outreach experiences discover these changes firsthand and respond with valuable market insights.

The Meaning of Reliability

Maintaining near 100% reliability in the electric grid continues to rely on ramping up natural gas or coal-fired generating plants during times of peak demand or unexpected shortages. Perhaps it’s time to consider a new reliability—one that provides dependable service through a variety of renewable and low-carbon power generation strategies that dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Exploring Options for Solar PV Permitting and Interconnection

Solar energy is a key component of state and local government objectives to achieve climate action plans, but current permitting requirements for rooftop installations continue to create barriers to low-cost, rapid solar adoption. While nonutility solar supplied only 2.2% of the U.S.

California Legislation to Strengthen Your Right to Generate Clean Energy

Can you imagine your life as you know it without electricity? We need electricity to perform most jobs, connect us with crucial information, run our infrastructure, communicate with the outside world, receive vital life support from machines and even cook food. In fact, electricity has become so essential to our daily lives that some lawmakers have sought to root the right to generate electricity into existing laws.