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Shifting Energy Efficiency Markets into High Gear

While California was an early leader in prioritizing energy efficiency for new buildings, only since 2009 has the state directed the same focus toward existing buildings with the passing of Assembly Bill (AB) 758.


Legislation Signals Greater Use of Renewable Energy in Rail Transit

When Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 502 (Leno) into law on August 7, allowing the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) to procure energy directly from eligible renewable energy providers, it not only supported BART's efforts to clean up and modernize its energy portfolio, but also set the stage for expanding transportation sustainability goals statewide.


Coal Exports from Oakland's Ports, Bad Business

The current proposal to allow coal exports to China and other parts of Asia through Oakland port facilities represents fundamentally poor policy masquerading as an economic strategy for job creation. In fact, it is a step profoundly in the wrong direction for California and the nation in terms of sustainable economic and environmental initiatives.


Working for a Clean Future - or Perpetuating a Dirty Past?

The controversy continues over efforts to either facilitate coal exports through San Francisco Bay or block them entirely.


SB 502: Open Letter to CA Senate Appropriations Committee

CSE supports the diversification of transportation technologies focused on air quality improvements and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions — both of which would be accomplished by SB 502. The bill directly supports the Bay Area Rapid Transit District’s (BART’s) ability to operate an even “cleaner and greener” fleet by providing additional renewable energy (RE) procurement options.