Response of Center for Sustainable Energy® to the application of Pacific Gas and Electric Company for Approval of its Senate Bill 350 Transportation Electrification Program

Response to all programs: Education and Outreach (E&O) programs with statewide touchpoints will require statewide coordination; Further guidance regarding anonymous and aggregated data is warranted; Evaluate the use of a single, neutral, third party program ombudsman to facilitate TE activities; Prioritize TE investments that complement statewide transportation and infrastructure policy initiatives.

  March 2017

Response of Center for Sustainable Energy® to the application of San Diego Gas & Electric Company (U902E) for approval of SB350 Transportation Electrification Proposals

Response to SDG&E’S Application include: Support for SDG&E’s Priority Review Project regarding SDG&E’s Standard Review Project, Support to leverage the existing Program Advisory, Council (PAC); Quarterly, not annual, reporting will be sufficient to evaluate program and project success; All proposed EVSE programs should have Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) functionality; Set 25% disadvantaged communities (DAC) benchmarks, and tailor goals to reflect SDG&E’s territory demographics.

  March 2017

CSE's Response to the Draft Scoping Guidelines for the Transformative Climate Communities Program

CSE supports the Strategic Growth Council’s (SGC) TCC Program and attests to the importance of energy planning and installing clean energy technologies in disadvantaged communities (DACs)

  March 2017

Comments to California Air Resources Board - Volkswagen's Zero Emission Vehicle Investment Commitment Development Process

Response to the Public Workshop to Discuss Volkswagen’s Zero Emission Vehicle Investment Commitment Development Process and Investment Areas and California Zero-Emission Vehicle Investment Plan

  January 2017

Response Regarding the Strategic Growth Council’s (SGC) Lessons Learned Workshops

CSE supports the efforts underway by the SGC through the AHSC Program, and appreciates the public engagement undertaken through the AHSC workshops. In this response, CSE attests to the importance of installing clean energy technologies as a tactic to support carbon emissions reductions in the AHSC program, a method to pursue the SGC’s sustainability objectives, and as a tool to support the continued alignment of the AHSC program with California’s deep GHG emissions reduction goals.

  December 2016

SB 502: BART Renewable Generation Letter

A letter in support of the nonpartisan and unopposed Senate Bill (SB) 502.

  July 2015

Draft AB 2188 Model Ordinance

A model ordinance that can be used to provide an expedited streamlined permitting process for small residential rooftop solar systems.

  July 2015

Comments of the Center for Sustainable Energy® regarding the Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan Public Draft. Submitted June 8, 2015

The Center for Sustainable EnergyR (CSE) is pleased to provide these comments regarding the Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan (ITSP) Public Draft. As a mission driven nonprofit organization, CSE is committed to accelerating the transition to a sustainable world powered by clean energy, including the diversification of transportation technologies focused on air quality improvements and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions

  June 2015

SB 765: Energy Efficiency Market Transformation Authority, Letter Two

A letter to Chairman Lara in support of Senate Bill 765 to create a Market Transformation Administrator.

  April 2015

SB 350: 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard Letter

A letter to Senator Wieckowski in support of Senate Bill 350 for a 50% renewable portfolio standard.

  April 2015


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