Thought Leadership

Research and Reports

Evaluating and Maximizing Electric Vehicle Incentive Impacts and Accelerating Net Zero Transportation

  Nov, 2019
Cap and Invest: Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  Nov, 2019
Preparing for the Central Coast Incentive Project

Hear from specialists from the Center for Sustainable Energy as they cover the benefits of installing electric vehicle infrastructure at commercial and workplace properties, multi-unit dwelling or public facility during the webinar Preparing for CALeVIP Central Coast Launch.

  Oct, 2019
Proposed FY 2019–20 Funding Plan: Final CVRP Supporting Analysis

Final capstone analysis of Clean Vehicle Rebate Project funding needs and program changes, in support of the California Air Resources Board’s FY 2019–20 Proposed Funding Plan.

  Oct, 2019
Summary of CVRP Rebate Eligibility and Funding Availability Over Time (Updated)

A fact sheet which details changes in Clean Vehicle Rebate Project rebate amounts, consumer-income eligibility criteria, and program funding availability over time (updated October 2019).

  Oct, 2019
Tools and Techniques for Tracking Your Fleet’s Success

In this presentation, public and private fleet operators and managers can learn about fleet success and how to measure. It covers the criteria, key performance indicators and software used for evaluating fleet utilization, tracking maintenance and operational costs and other critical factors. Featured speakers from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) are Jacob Berks, fleet manager, and Casey Fallon, director of procurement, warehouse and fleets. Rhona Matthews, CVRP for Fleet project manager, will discuss CVRP incentives of up to $7,000 per vehicle to purchase or lease new, eligible zero-emission and plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicles.

  Sep, 2019
Presentation: "How to Approach Zero Net Energy for Existing Municipal Buildings"

During the presentation "How to Approach Zero Net Energy for Existing Municipal Buildings", project lead at Center for Sustainable Energy and project partner from the City of San Diego discover what steps need to be taken and procedures followed to retrofit the three libraries to achieve zero net energy. More project details be found on the SD ZN3 project website.

  Aug, 2019
Presentation: “EV Rebates: Demographic Update, Program Design Features, and Paths Forward for Broadening Participation”

Provides equity metrics, demographics, program-design features, and outreach strategies from four state-wide incentive programs. Given to the ZEV Alliance webinar “Expanding Access Listening Series.”

  Aug, 2019
Cap-and-Invest: A review of policy, design and models and their applicability in Vermont

This report explores three North American cap-and-invest systems for reducing GHG emissions, with the goal of providing policy-makers with a better understanding of how cap-and-invest systems work,identifying lessons learned and outlining policy recommendations for creating an economy-wide cap-and-invest system for GHG emissions for Vermont.

  May, 2019
Bring EV Charging to Your Workplace

Join EV experts from Plug-In San Diego for a virtual presentation on bringing EV charging to your workplace. Our experts cover the basics of plug-in electric vehicles and charging stations, the value of installing infrastructure at commercial properties as well as best practices and resources for successful charging installation.

  Apr, 2019