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Bring EV Charging to Your Multifamily Community

Join EV experts from Plug-In San Diego for a virtual presentation on bringing EV charging to apartment and condo communities. During the presentation, our expert covers the basics of plug-in electric vehicles and charging stations, the value of installing infrastructure at multi-unit dwellings as well as best practices and resources for successful charging installation.

  Apr, 2019
CALeVIP Northern California Incentive Project Prelaunch Webinar

Hear from the CALeVIP implementation team during this prelaunch webinar as they provide a project overview of the newest CALeVIP project launching in Humboldt, Shasta and Tehama counties.

  Apr, 2019
Presentation: “Additional Analysis of CVRP Funding Need and Program-Change Scenarios”

Presentation given at the California Air Resources Board’s fourth CVRP Workgroup meeting for 2019–20 Funding Plan development (April 23, 2019). The presentation 1) updates previous estimates of the rebate funding needed using a new “Middle” scenario, 2) analyzes three new program-change designs and their timelines, and 3) provides additional contextual data characterizing leasing trends and programs utilizing MSRP caps rather than income caps.

  Apr, 2019
Presentation: “Updated Funding Need, Program-Change Scenarios, and other Planning Considerations”

Presentation given at the California Air Resources Board’s third CVRP Workgroup meeting for 2019–20 Funding Plan development (April 4, 2019). The presentation includes updated estimates of rebate funding demand and additional analysis of program-design changes, including cost-effectiveness metrics. It also provides additional contextual information, such as trends in purchase prices, and tallies over $188 B in private investment that may accompany public investment to reach the state’s goal of 5 million EVs by 2030.

  Apr, 2019
Electrifying Your Fleet Webinar Series: Welcome to Fleets

Learn about the benefits of fleet electrification and an overview of programs available for fleet electric vehicles (EVs). Our Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) fleet team will introduce the CVRP for Fleets rebate program and detail who qualifies, how to apply, and rebate amounts. A representative from the California Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) will explain the processes for medium-to heavy-duty vehicle rebates and vouchers.

  Apr, 2019
CALeVIP Sacramento County Incentive Project Prelaunch Webinar

The Sacramento County Incentive Project is launching in April 2019 - are you ready to apply? Hear from the CALeVIP implementation team as they provide a project overview, address site and equipment eligibility and walk participants through the application process. Download the slide deck and watch the recording on YouTube.

  Mar, 2019
Solar for Businesses Webinar

Discover the fundamentals of solar electricity, water heating, storage and benchmarking for businesses. During the presentation, our experts will share valuable consumer awareness tips for determining the best solar technology for your commercial or multifamily property.

  Feb, 2019
Q1 2019 CSI-Thermal Public Forum

Hear from California Solar Initiative -Thermal Program Administrators (PAs) PG&E, SoCalGas and the Center for Sustainable Energy during the first public forum of 2019. During the presentation, the PAs provide program updates and field questions, feedback and suggestions for program improvements.

  Feb, 2019
Presentation: “Electric Vehicle Rebates: Lessons Learning”

Presentation given to the Connecticut EV Roadmap Technical Meeting (February 8, 2019). It provides an overview of the EV market and its trajectory, and characterizes Connecticut’s CHEAPR EV-rebate program—including rebated consumers and program impacts. Finally, it highlights the role of CHEAPR’s MSRP cap in reducing free ridership and promoting equitable access.

  Feb, 2019
Presentation: “Exploratory Estimation of Greenhouse-Gas Emission Reductions from California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project”

Presentation given at the Transportation Resources Board’s 98th Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. (January 16, 2019) that described a preliminary but more detailed picture the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project’s greenhouse-gas impacts. The analysis utilized project-specific data to through August 2018 (N=257,401 participants). Reductions attributable to rebated plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) over the first year of vehicle ownership were estimated to be approximately 713 thousand metric tons of CO2-equivalent, or an average of 2.58 tons per PHEV and 2.90 tons per BEV. Findings indicate that use of project-derived data can significantly enhance characterizations of the impact of incentive programs.

  Jan, 2019